Margarita poptails for you and me

It finally got July-like around here and I was going to a pool party so I figured it was a perfect time to make these frozen delights.The recipe is pretty simple:


actual finished product

actual finished product!!


5 cups of seedless watermelon, of course even the seedless ones tend to have some seeds in them but don’t get too worried about a stray seed or two as this goes through a sieve. (Makes about nine poptails)

3/4 cups lime juice,  save yourself some hassle and buy the biggest limes you can find. I had teeny tiny ones from Trader Joe’s and ended up having to go out in the middle of making this to get more as I did not have enough. I hate that, it totally disrupts my flow. You will need about 8 limes total.

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup tequila–whatever floats your boat. Cuervo gold is what I used.

Put the roughly chopped watermelon, lime juice, tequila and sugar in a food processor and purée until smooth. Strain this mixture through a fine mesh sieve to remove the pulp and any stray seeds. I strained mine into a pitcher which makes the pouring into tiny Dixie cups that much easier. I did all this on a serving tray for easy transport to the freezer.

I used 5 ounce Dixie cups for this and these cute little wooden spoons (found ’em at Joann Fabric). Fill the cups about two-thirds full, you need to leave enough space for the limes that form the base.


cuillers, from Joann

cuillers, from Joann

Cut the limes a little thick or they are too thin to form a proper bottom for these little cuties. Spear the wooden spoon slightly more than half way up  and insert into cup mixture.


don't fill too high or you get that spillage over the limes

don’t fill too high or you get that spillage over the limes


I froze these overnight and they were even better than I was expecting and I was expecting them to be pretty darn good. Tangy, sweet, frozen deliciousness, perfect for a hot, steamy summer day. I also made a batch sans tequila for the kidlets and just marked the bottom of the non-boozy ones. Before serving the boozy ones, sprinkle the limes with some margarita salt and enjoy!


  1. You DO know things and I can’t wait to have one of these little pops!!! Oh-Amy! Keep the good stuff coming!

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