The Knick recap part deux

Here it is y’all, part deux of everything anyone really needs to know about season one of The Knick, just in time for season two. Thanks again to Ann from McIntoshmd for the medical input, and for going halfsies on the pizza.

Episode Six = Start Calling Me Dad (Monster-in-Law) Did you know that Typhoid Mary was a real person? ‘Cuz she was and her mad peach Melba dessert making skills made her a much in-demand cook for the NYC richie riches. Unfortunately for them, she did not have the same mad skills when it came to her potty habits and the combination of the two took out more than a few of the one percenters she worked for. Lillian, the Gallinger’s baby dies and honestly I should be much more sad about that but my cousin’s Baby Alive from back in the 70’s looked more real than her so I don’t.

Dr. Thackery discovers Algie’s underground railway hospital but before he can even fire his sorry ass Thack also discovers Edwards has perfected hernia surgery and since Thack wants in on that action offers him an alliance instead. When Cornelia finishes her day of running around the upper east side looking for the dessert-making, disease-spreading Typhoid Mary she has a major skin-crawling, cringe-worthy encounter with her soon to be father-in-law. which you would think would make her think twice about marrying into such a family but SPOILERS!!! it does not. Thack with the help of Bertie and a couple of the hookers from the opium den come up with a new placenta previa idea. He puts the call out for a patient and because it is a tv show one is quickly found and for the first time ever, both the mom and baby live. Yay!

Ann’s medical professional opinion: we call that method of transmission the old fecal/oral route, in plain English to eat shit, literally. Poor hygiene habits or lack of proper sanitation still kills people across the globe. 

Episode Seven = Get The Rope (Can’t We all Just Get Along?) Cop/wannabe pimp Officer Sears (Collin Meath) gets himself stabbed by a black man after trying to recruit his non-professional girlfriend to his stable of ho’s. This starts a race war that only gets worse after Sears dies from his wounds. Thack saves another black man from a lynch mob and the Knick pays the price for his for once human-ness when racist cops and thugs (sadly mostly Irish) trash the place and even steal the ambulance horses.

The underground hospital’s jig is totally up now as the ensuing melee leads to it being discovered by none other than Sleazy McSleazerson Barrow. After the riots subside, the hook-ups begin. First the inevitable Lady Cornelia and Algie one we saw coming about five episodes ago and then the Dr. Thack and Nurse Lucy one we saw seven episodes back. No good can come from either.

Ann’s medical professional opinion: Leprosy was not/is not that communicable but people were petrified of it, which is why those with the disease were shipped off to leper colonies. 

Episode Eight = Working Late A Lot (I’d Like to Buy The World a Coke or at Least Nurse Lucy) Cocaine is a helluva drug and to think it was not only legal but one of the original ingredients in Coca-Cola (hence the name) is mind-blowing. There is a war going on in the Philippines and now cocaine is no longer coming to America and that is turning coke’s number one fan Dr. Thack into a basket case of epic proportions. Bertie’s dad Dr. Bertie Chickering the original (Reg Rogers) wants his son to cut his ties with the Dr. Thackery and all the poors at the Knick. Bertie junior of course says no because he does not mind the poors, thinks Thack is a genius and happens to be in love with Nurse Lucy. Poor deluded Bertie junior, Nurse Lucy has sold her soul for some sex sprinkled with coke and only has eyes for Thack.

Cornelia and Algie continue to live life very dangerously with their ill-fated Romeo & Juliet affair conveniently forgetting the fact that Corny is about to be married soon to someone else named Philip. It’s so hard to believe I know, but it seems insurance companies were crappy even back in the golden age because they won’t pay the hospital for the riot damage. The board wants the Knick to move uptown (little do they know how silly that idea would be a mere one hundred years later when all the cool people live downtown). Typhoid Mary is scheming to get out of quarantine on a technicality so she can kill some more rich people. Sister Harry has an orphan baby girl named Grace that she wants the Gallinger’s to adopt, thinking a new baby will pull Eleanor out of her deeply depressed state. Methinks Sister Harriet is a better abortionist than she is a social worker because this does not seem like a very good idea at all.

Ann’s medical professional opinion: Drug shortages happen all the time. Interestingly it is often the cheaper, more commonly used drugs that go AWOL so you are forced to use expensive substitutes. There can be real reasons like contaminations at the manufacturing plant but it can also be because of opportunistic creeps like the Martin Shrekli’s of the world.  

Episode Nine = Golden Lotus (Lucy does Wu) Thackery is so desperate for a fix that he breaks into a pharmacy like a common meth-head. Of course he gets caught because Thack is a brilliant surgeon not a cat burglar (not even a hamburglar) which means Barrow and Mr. Moneybags Robertson have to bail him out and try to keep the news of his arrest on the DL. Something so much easier to do back in the pre-internet days. Eleanor Gallinger is not getting any better and is neglecting poor baby Grace. Barrow goes to his loan shark to try to score some cocaine but that Bunky is a sly one and gives him a placebo instead.

Because she is Beyoncé levels of crazy in love (emphasis on the crazy part), Nurse Lucy goes to Thack’s favorite opium den to procure some drugs for her one true love. Mr. Wu (Perry Yung) deeply admires Lucy’s dainty feet and has a proposition for hers which will result in Lucy scoring not only some opium for her beloved but also a little nest egg for her future. Our other crazy in love lady Cornelia tells Algie that they made a baby and it would be awfully hard to pass it off as her fiance’s seeing as how they haven’t ever had sex and the baby would probably not be blonde. Algie won’t abort his own child so Corny is now in quite the pickle. Eleanor drowns baby Grace and gets carted off in a strait-jacket by the legendary men in white coats.

Ann’s medical professional opinion: Lucy is a grade A enabler and unfortunately for the addicts, there are way too many of them. The drug seekers and their enablers are one of the many contributing factors as to why physicians leave emergency medicine. 

Episode Ten = Crutchfield (They Tried to Make me Go to Rehab) Cornelia gets a ride to her procedure from none other than Mr. Cleary but the surprises don’t end there as she finds a non-habit-wearing Sister Harriet will be the one to kindly help her out of her predicament. The next day when she is at home recovering Algie comes to visit and kinda breaks up with her which is kind of weird considering Corny is engaged to be married to someone else named Philip the next day. Having conquered previa, appendectomies, hernias and a bunch of other problems Thack is now obsessed with figuring out why blood transfusions hardly ever work out right. The fact that his nemesis Dr. Zinberg (Michael Nathanson) is already working on that very same issue makes him even more manic in his quest to win one of those new-fangled Nobel prize thingy’s.

Bunky wants his money from Barrow and since he has none to give Barrow wants Dr. Thackery to use his influence with Mr. Wu to kill the pain in his debt-ridden side. Thack says no way so sleazy goes directly to the source and asks Wu to do the deed. You know the old saying, meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Apparently Barrow never heard that Who song before because he gets a new boss alright one that will make Bunky seem like a bro. Thack’s mania about blood types leads to him testing his theory on a little girl who dies and all is not right with the world. Bertie finally realizes his hero is a flawed junkie ass-hole and enlists the help of Bertie senior to get Thack into rehab. To ease his withdrawal symptoms the clinic injects him with a thoroughly harmless little drug called heroin.

Ann’s medical professional opinion: Cocaine is a stimulant, which is how Thack could stay up for days on end. Heroin is a depressant so the high is not the same. Not sure one is any more addictive than the other, it is more of a personality issue. He was using opium to sleep already. 

Will Thack turn in one addiction for another? Will Cornelia move to San Francisco with her new husband? Will Algie ever stop staging his own version of Fight Club every time he gets in a mood? Do either of us like this show enough to pay iTunes money to watch season two? Stay tuned!

Season two starts on Cinemax this Friday October 16th. Season one is available on all forms of HBO, Amazon Instant and iTunes. 


  1. Pulling all of Eleanor’s teeth to treat her depression was the most disturbing scene for me. Not sure I can keep watching if they go for her tonsils.

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