Monty Python and the Holy Grail of Hair Products

Any kid who grew up in the 70’s and watched PBS probably caught a glimpse of one or two episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. It was on Friday nights here and pretty much everyone I knew could quote at least one of their classic routines like the dead parrot (he’s not dead, he’s resting), the singing lumberjack (I put on women’s clothes and hang around in bars) or the Spanish Inquisition that absolutely nobody expects.

Just like King Arthur’s mad quest to find the Holy Grail, I have been on a similar quest to find hair products to make my hair look and feel like it does when a pro works on it. I don’t think that is asking for too much like say world peace or a McDonald’s all-day breakfast with a biscuit option (both of which I would also like) but will settle for the hair thing because I am shallow that way.

The other hair conundrum I have is what to do with second day hair, dry shampoo works,  I just don’t like the way it makes my hair feel, stiff and weird. Besides oily hair/scalp is not such an issue for me, what is an issue for me is fugly looking dry ends. I have scads of layers in my hair and I don’t sleep on a silk pillow (supposedly those work) so when I wake up my hair certainly does not look like one of those French girls. Any of them.

Unless you live under a beauty/celeb rock than you have probably seen Jennifer Anniston shilling Living Proof hair products. She co-owns the brand with her BFF hair dresser pal Chris McMillan and unlike Aveeno I believe she may actually use these products. I am not a particular fan (not team Angelina either) but you have to admit girl’s got a helluva hair game, without a doubt she was the breakout star of Friends, was it because of the hair? Let’s see, Courteney Cox was originally famous-er, she was on Family Ties and danced in the dark with the Boss on MTV for years, Lisa Kudrow was funnier (watch The Comeback and Web Therapy for proof) yet Jen is the one who nabbed Brad Pitt and starred in movies. It’s the hair people, no doubt about it.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Mask: I got this for free for purchasing the Perfect Hair Day conditioner so my expectations were pretty low. The idea of putting stuff on my hair and then sleeping on my non-silk pillow gave me more than a little pause but the product absorbed into my hair like magic and I kinda forgot it was even there. Until I dried my hair and the ends were all smooth and lovely without any additional product. I now use it twice a week because it works.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Conditioner: I love my Kerastasse Masquintense conditioner like the Donald loves Bible Spice (for now) but that shit is expensive and I am blowing through it like mad these days because my hair is kinda long (winter, need the extra insulation) but it’s too heavy for an every-time-you-wash conditioner. I needed something that was less intense but did not make my hair feel like a Brillo pad. The word on the beauty blog street was that this stuff was the bomb and the street was right. This is my new go-to conditioner, I am not crazy about the packaging, it’s hard to get out and it’s not exactly Pantene price-wise but since I can’t get a comb through my hair with Pantene it is a price I am perfectly willing to pay.

Pureology Dry Conditioner: Holy crap, this is what I have been waiting for practically my whole life! Not going to deny that I was skeptical AF because I usually don’t do well with aerosols and have never used Pureology anything and I had to buy a full-sized bottle to boot which is not my most favorite thing to do with beauty products that I invariably try once and then send to the land of misfit hair toys (i.e. the downstairs bathroom). I lightly sprayed it from the mid-section on down to the roots, waited a couple of minutes, brushed it through my hair and it looked fricking amazing, no basement living for you new best friend.

Being able to have second day hair that does not make me feel like a major frump has been a life goal like being able to speak perfectly accented French. My French is still pretty terrible but thanks to Pureology dry conditioner my hair day deux is très bon.


  1. I wonder if the dry shampoo would work on dogs? Jacko comes home smelling like urine after daycare. I gotta fix this!

  2. That stink is awful, I think they lick one another too so double gross. Most dry shampoo is made from rice flour with some scent added, baby powder can work in a pinch too. They are also baby wipes but for dogs that I have gotten at Chuck Dons’s.

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