You know that person who you always ask where should you go buy cool stuff, eat some really good stuff or just do fun stuff? That’s me. I am the designated know-it-all for all my friends and family and thanks to the internet even if you don’t fall into either of those two categories you can still reap the rewards of my expertise 🙂

I am a life-long Twin Cities resident who actually has been to St. Paul on more than one occasion, and not just to go to the state fair or a hockey game. It is a lovely town, a nice place to visit, kinda like Jan is to Minneapolis’s Marcia. Even though I live in suburbia (love the parking), I work and do most things in the city (hate the parking).

I have been in advertising for what seems like forever but also spent some time doing freelance rock journalism and had my fifteen seconds of fame dancing in a MTV Buzz Clip video although most of it ended up on the editing room floor, thanks Zack Snyder.

I love all animals, except wild turkeys (they are EVIL), the Minnesota Twins (even though they routinely disappoint me), and the Replacements. ’nuff said.

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